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PPPoE linkysy velop issues?

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PPPoE linkysy velop issues?


Recently got plusnet fibre, very happy with connection speeds but the router (plusnet hub two) was not giving good wifi coverage throughout our house.

Just bought a Linksys velop mesh system.

Plugged it in, set it up, etc. hub two in bridge mode. Correct user/password for pppoe on the velop router. All was working fine… for 30 minutes. (Using settings from this page -

Now it just will not connect to the internet…
The only thing I cannot make sense of is that for the ‘connection type’ I have only ‘dial on demand’ and ‘redial’ not ‘always on’… it was set to redial every 30 seconds… has that ballsed it up somehow?

Ideas/pointers welcome… (the new wifi is great)

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Re: PPPoE linkysy velop issues?

Welcome to the Community forums @d_mike 

I have a Linksys Velop, so maybe I can help a little. Firstly I agree, the WiFi is great!

I also had trouble trying to make the Hub Two work with it. I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong, but I ended up solely using the Velop as both a router and mesh. 

If you take the Hub Two out of the equation, does it work fine still? 

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Re: PPPoE linkysy velop issues?


While I can't suggest anything in the current configuration, if you need to retain the Plusnet router (so you have "fibre" over a copper phone line) you could set the Linksys to "bridge" mode and have the Plusnet Hub 2 do the authentication.

That has the side benefit that the Ethernet sockets on the Plusnet Huub 2 will do soemthing useful if needed.

If you have FTTP (and another powered box as well as the Plusnet Hub 2) you could try the Linksys straight into the fibre to copper converter box.



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Re: PPPoE linkysy velop issues?

Thanks all for suggestions.


In the end I worked out what was wrong.

initially when I set it up, it was all working fine as described - Hub Two in bridge mode, Linksys Velop as router (with the Plusnet login details etc.).

I then unplugged it all and set up neatly in the final position where I wanted it.

The velop has two Ethernet ports on the bottom. When you set it up, the one that’’s assigned as the router marks the port connected to the modern as for that purpose (WAN port, I think?), so that’s where it expects to find the modem.

When I set up again, (not knowing the above), I didn’t pay attention to which port I plugged the hub two into on the velop. That’s why it couldn’t connect. All is had to do was switch the port the Hub Two was connected to, and it all came back to life.

Just outlining it here in case it helps anyone else. 

The velop is working great as both router and mesh Wi-Fi system, much better connectivity for the Wi-Fi than the hub two (which was way worse than the old sky hub we had before, which covered out whole (small) house perfectly. The hub two was poor enough that connections dropped out all the time upstairs).