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Ordering a replacement router

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Ordering a replacement router

I have had the same router since I switched to Plusnet (2011/12)and it has become increasingly glitchy with WiFi and connection - I am trying to order a replacement but could not find anything on the website.

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Re: Ordering a replacement router

When your contracts due for renewal you can usually request one for free. Suggest you look at an OPENREACH one on E Bay; they can be configured to PN settings, and are better performers, especially in wifi department.
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Re: Ordering a replacement router

Lots of us have bought used BT HH6, about £15-£20 on Gumtree etc, works great on Plusnet with excellent setup guide on this forum. Certainly huge improvement on 2012 PN router which is long outdated.

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Re: Ordering a replacement router

@CapGrumpy  Don't even think of buying a replacement from Plusnet, they will charge a stupid price. The BT HH6 is a good suggestion available for not very much.

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Re: Ordering a replacement router

It's always worth asking. You've been with them 10 years!

I asked (though to be fair I've been around even longer) and got a replacement for the cost of P&P, no need to re-contract!

I *only* got a Hub One but that's fine and does what I need. In fact for me it's better that a Hub Two (BT HH6 in drag)!

I had in fact been using a "hacked" BT HH5A (it was failing) for a while which is almost exactly what a Hub One is so the switch was a doddle!

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Ordering a replacement router

Hiya @CapGrumpy, thanks for getting in touch! I'm sorry to hear that you've started having some issues with your router Sad


Thanks so much for your loyalty to us! We do really appreciate it and I'd be happy to send you out a new router for just the £6.99 P&P cost. If you'd like me to do this, please just reply on the ticket I've created here: and let me know once done Smiley

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