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Old technicolour router orange power light / not working

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Old technicolour router orange power light / not working

Hi there, ive been with Plusnet for quite some time and I am still on one of the old technicolour box shaped routers. This morning we had a powercut for a while and now that the power is back on the router does not seem to want to work. The power light on the router stays orange and the ethernet light flashes (with no connection or internet available).
I have tried turning it on and off, ive physically pulled the cable out, left it a few minutes and tried again. I have also used a pin to press the reset button for 7+ seconds on the back of the box but nothing has made a difference. Any advice? I believe I need a new router to be honest. Thanks.
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Re: Old technicolour router orange power light / not working

Welcome to the forum! Your old router may well be finished, a few years back we were subject to several power cuts until a high-voltage cable was replaced, and we and our neighbours found that some older electrical gadgets (and TVs) died the death.

I suggest you ring Plusnet and ask for a new router which is posted after a day or two but then subject to the vagaries of Royal Mail so it's anyone's guess. An even quicker way is to search Gumtree and eBay for a BT HH6 within reasonable collection distance, it gives excellent performance on Plusnet, they go for £10 - £15 and there's an excellent guide to setting them up on this forum.

However HH6 won't work with FTTP which we'll all get in a year or two, Plusnet's Hub 2 will do so. Depends how soon you want back on the net rather than wait a week or two for the new one.