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Old Plusnet router (hub one) what to do with it? plus older person out of "contract"

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Old Plusnet router (hub one) what to do with it? plus older person out of "contract"

I recently left plusnet and have a practically unused hub one router sat in its box and not doing much .
i also know someone who is also a plusnet customer ,age over 70 - and out of contract by soime margin, i know they are out of contract as i helped set them up some years ago and as far as i know nothing has changed with regards to their conection, except that they will be paying a signifficantly higher rate on the adsl rolling monthly plus calls price.

He is using a Netgear DG834G v5
Would there be any advantage to donating my old hub one router to replace the netgear and use that on his ADSL2+ connection, its fully wiped and the username ahs reverted to

next up would there be any easy to sign up offers available that woulkd be cheaper than the standard ADSL price?
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Re: Old Plusnet router (hub one) what to do with it? plus older person out of "contract"

The Hub One has more capable Wi-Fi compared to the Netgear but exactly how noticable that's likely to be on an ADSL connection is up for debate.

It is also worth checking the firmware version of the Hub One as some older firmwares are now out of support and cannot be updated remotely to the latest builds.

If you were to hand the router over, then it would be sensible for us to associate it properly with your friend's account (so it configures itself correctly without intervention and continues to receive updates).

The other option of course, is to return the hub to us so we can repurpose it.

Edit: realise I ignored the question about offers. Not really my forté; might be worth your friend getting in touch with our Customer Options Team - 0800 013 2632.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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