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Network error or no data

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Network error or no data

I have a hub2 in bridge mode with a deco 5 mesh network.
All has been going fine for quite a time. Now what seems to be randomly, our TV, Sony bravia, when streaming stops and gives 'network error'. Looking at the settings it says connected to the Deco with high signal but 'no internet'.
My phone also seems to not get any data yet high signal strength.
Any thoughts?
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Re: Network error or no data

It's not that easy to check the Hub Two for errors when in bridge mode, but if you can get a wired PC with a static IP Address of say you can log on to the Hub and examine the log file found in Advanced Settings >Techinical Log >Event Log. Select catergory WAN and look for DSL Down Up messages.

For the Deco device are you able to check if there is a system log, probably found in Advanced >System Tools

With Debug selected are there any  PPP messages in the Type PPP drop down?

Edit: If there is not a type PPP in the drop down, then that means there hasn't been any

With both devices it is possible to save the log file, save them and attach to them here.

However if you think you have an issue you can raise a fault here :-