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Mesh and Hub One

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Mesh and Hub One

Hello dudes, dudettes, and anyone I've missed out


Up until now I have been using an old Technicolor cable modem to connect; was having lots of problems with signal dropping and also problems with wifi connectivity in the house so solved problem two first (classic), by getting the Asus ZenWifi so I had a mesh network.


I now have lovely rich wifi broadcast throughout the house. However the signal dropping continued, so I semi-systemically went through and replaced the network cable to the router from the cable modem, then the microfilter, then the RJ45 cable, and then came to the conclusion that the Technicolor modem was a sack of [-Censored-]e.


Now I have my old (but unused!) Hub One feeding internet to the Asus running in AP mode, but this means that it disables the Asus firewall and lots of other stuff... so am I best off getting a replacement cable modem, or asking PlusNet for an upgraded Hub so I can put it in Bridge Mode properly, or what?


Thoughts appreciated; easy thing to do is to splash out on a Vigor 130 but that's £90 I could spend elsewhere...

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Re: Mesh and Hub One


Unless you are renewing a contract you are unlikely to get a Hub 2.

Get a HG612 model 3b from an auction site. They're cheap and if unlocked will give you access to your WAN stats.

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