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Installing OpenVPN server

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Installing OpenVPN server

I would like to be able to dial into my Plusnet regular broadband service via VPN from a remote location.


To do this I would typically expect to flash OpenWRT. 

I have a Plusnet Hub Two.

I don't have sophisticated wifi requirements or high speed needs.

I'm just wondering what the best option is:

1. flash the Hub Two (possible?)
2. buy some other wifi router (a cheap one, any recommendations?) and reconfigure the Hub Two as an access point 

3. find some alternative broadband router and eliminate the Hub Two. Again, recommendations?

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Re: Installing OpenVPN server

@mikehawk69  Welcome to the Community forums.

Unfortunately, you can’t flash the Hub 2 firmware. You can the older Hub One.

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Re: Installing OpenVPN server

I use a raspberry PI for my OpenVPN server, but they are hard to come by now and have become expensive as a result.

Personally I would look at online reviews for router which support an OpenVPN server.

Bear in mind you can set the Hub Two in bridge mode (modem only) so the need to purchase a combined modem/router is removed.



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Re: Installing OpenVPN server

I use a RaspberryPi with PIVPN <> and Wireguard rather than OpenVPN. Works very well!

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Re: Installing OpenVPN server

I couldn't ask for a pointer re setting up the Hub please? I always struggle with the port forwarding settings. Just installed pivpn on a modelB that's also running pihole. Thanks

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Re: Installing OpenVPN server

By Jove I think I've finally got it! And I now think I understand how the port forwarding is configured on this router. Now up and running and connected to home LAN from my Android phone.

FYI: Plusnet Hub One | Software version | Last updated 12/10/21