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HubOne Wifi Issue

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HubOne Wifi Issue



Under the advice from telephone techsupport, I have been asked to post my problem here for review and assistance by the products team. I have a HubOne router, which I received after moving to Plusnet on the 16/04/2020. Since installing I have experienced persistent connection issues with various wireless devices (devices connected to the router by ethernet do not appear to be affected).

When I explored the problem it appears to be an issue associated with the 5Ghz band on the router, which leads to authetication errors for the devices, general connectivity freezes and complete loss of signal. Following a guide I found on this forum, I accessed my router settings and split the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, and then moved all my wireless devices over to the former. This has improved the stability of the connected devices and so far resolved the connectivity issue.

This feels somewhat like a temporary fix, rather than a resolution to the problem. After doing speed tests on several wireless devices, I am now obtaining experiencing subpar performance causing some frustration in the household (my girlfriend is going to beat me to death if I don't get this sorted!).

From looking at some posts I believe their maybe a solution by either installing a new firmware version or rolling back the current one (I am on version If this is an option I would appreciate any support with doing this. I've just moved from Sky (due to increasing costs) to Plusnet and had no issues with their router from the moment I installed it for the full 18 months of the contract. If I knew of this problem I probably would have stuck with them and forked out the extra cost as buying a new router will effectively be the difference I saved by moving.

If I am due to be stuck with this problem, can someone let me know how long the contractual cooling off period is and I'll look at moving the provider.


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Re: HubOne Wifi Issue

@Peaknaze  Welcome to the fotum.

Plusnet have been allegedly trying ti fix this problem since, from memory, March 2019. I believe that there is some prototype firmware being checked out by a few users. To be fair this is a very difficult problem to run to.ground as it does not affect all hubs.

The cooling off period is 14 days from when you sign up, not the day the service goes live. 

Many of us use a BT Smarthub as they are cheap from auction houses such as Ebay and can be configured to work on a Plusnet service.

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Re: HubOne Wifi Issue

@Peaknaze I've just pushed an update to your router that should help. It will have rebooted to apply the changes so apologies if you were in the middle of anything.

I'm going to ask the mods to lock this thread in favour of the one here.

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Re: HubOne Wifi Issue

Moderators Note
This topic has been locked as per request above..



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