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Hub one software

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Hub one software

Hi everyone,

I have just received my new hub one router and looks nice and funky. 


However, one of the basic functions is missing! 


I am unable to hide my SSID. 


Is it possible to update the software to enable this very basic feature? 

My current version is: Plusnet Hub One | Software version


I cannot believe Plusnet is selling router with lack of basic features. To be honest this is the very first router I have came across which did not have this option available!


Has anyone managed to get around this problem?


Thanks in advance.  

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Re: Hub one software

Hiding the SSID does not add any substantial amount of additional security. The SSID cannot usually be hidden entirely, so if anyone nearby really wanted to find out what the SSID was, it wouldn't take that much time.

Also, the SSID was not intended to be hidden, so trying to hide can make the wireless work less well, a mobile device set to connect automatically to a "hidden" network might end up searching for this hidden network wherever it goes.

If you want to increase wireless security, disable WPS, set it to WPA2 only, and use a very long and complex wireless password.

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Re: Hub one software

I'm afraid that hiding the SSID isn't something that's possible in the Hub One. Sorry about that

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