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Hub one - firmware update push

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Hub one - firmware update push

Not unusually, my Hub One (Firmware .263) continually loses wifi connection. Disabling the 5Ghz band has provided a workaround, albeit at a cost in speed and range. I was told by Plusnet that a firmware update being rolled out would resolve the issue. I am now told that the rollout is paused. Can an update be pushed to my router?

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Re: Hub one - firmware update push

Best to go to the second thread in this forum (..5GHz issue..), read the beginning and the end of the contributions and then ask Bob Pullen to push an update to you, ideally giving him the info asked for at the start of the thread. It may not happen immediately, but it shouldn't take too long. (Obviously I can't guarantee anything, but Bob's been pretty good about this.) Clearly a general rollout of a definitive fix would be better, and it may come soon, but we've been waiting a long time so it's probably worth asking for a pushed update.