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Hub One drop-outs

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Hub One drop-outs

We have had problems with drop-outs on our fibre broadband (copper from the cabinet) and the Hub One. Totally random drops and have had Open Reach out 3 times. No fault on line or in exchange. PlusNet sent out a replacement Hub One, but within a short time we were getting drop-outs again! Had one last night (Wednesday 17th) and did BT quiet test on the line - no noise. Is this a design/product fault with Hub One? Should I get a different router e.g. Netgear?

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Re: Hub One drop-outs

At least as far as keeping the VDSL link up I remember the Hub One was rock solid on that although I guess that would also depend on whether your cab is Huawei or ECI.


Have you tried swapping out the cable between the router and the phone socket? & how long is it? (the shorter the better) & it's best to have it connected to the master socket with no long extension cables.

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Re: Hub One drop-outs

Hi there,


Sorry to hear you're having problems.


I'm seeing the occasional drop, and I'm unable to identify the cause of this through testing your line.



I don't believe the problem will be related to the Hub One, as I've seen lines that are perfectly stable with no drops using this router. Appreciate this isn't the case for you and whilst I understand this may be very frustrating, the connection is unfortunately not unstable enough to arrange another engineer to investigate.


The advice given by southerner is possibly the next step.

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