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Hub One USD official documentation

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Hub One USD official documentation

There are numerous helpful folks in this community who have answered questions about USB drives connecting to the Hub One USB port (pnhub1).. I'm surprised that this major feature of the Hub is not documented in the official Hub One user guide on this site! 
Is there any official documentation that says the formatting and disk configuration required to use this port for serving disk content across the network?
I have connected 2 different USB drives to this port and get 'connection failed' on my MacBook finder. Anyone with the official answer as to what the disk need to be or the server login to access?

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Re: Hub One USD official documentation

@cliffhangeruk  Welcome to the forum.

I don’t know about Apple products but to get this port working on a Windows machine you have to enable the discredited on security grounds and obsolete SMB1 protocol.

Use it at your risk.

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Re: Hub One USD official documentation

Hi @cliffhangeruk 

The Hub One does contain 'Help' pages and a A to Z list with short cuts to settings.


However there is not much information for USB setup


A cheap alternative solution would be to buy a Raspberry pi and set it up as a network share, all software is free and plenty of help online. 

Hope this helps