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Hub 2 Music Streaming Drop-outs

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Hub 2 Music Streaming Drop-outs

I've noticed a few times now whilst streaming Amazon Music over WiFi that every now and then the stream stops or freezes and can take a minute or two before I can manually restart it. 

I've only started having this since upgrading to a Hub 2.

The Hub 2 doesn't seem to disconnect from Plusnet's gateway during this problem looking at the Technical Log.

My phone shows a -41dBm WiFi signal from the Hub 2 on Ch 36, bandwidth 80, Link Speed 866.

My Hub2 firmware shows v0.06.00.12134-PN.

Phone is a Galaxy S21 5G running Android 12.

I just wondered what the problem might be?

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Re: Hub 2 Music Streaming Drop-outs

Not a problem I've come across before. How frequent is it?

And just to clarify: are you streaming direct to the smartphone using the Amazon Music Android app, or are you casting the audio to a third device?

Any other Wi-Fi access points/extenders etc. on your network?

Bob Pullen
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