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Help with my BT Smart Hub 6A rebooting nightly

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Help with my BT Smart Hub 6A rebooting nightly

Hi all , hope someone can advise, I new to the forum, but been with Plusnet for 17 months, and recently bought a Smart Hub 6a and setup up 5 days ago as advised on this forum and all appears to be working with better Wi-Fi coverage, the main reason for the change. Since then it has had 2 firmware updates on consecutive nights and for the following 3 nights it has rebooted at around 12am, which I am concerned will not stop and may eventually affect my line speed.  The last log shows 

00:02:43, 08 Aug.

:A device reset was performed. Reason TR69(3)

I have attached the status page  which shows firmware version SG4B1000E020 and my model is 084319

I am coming to the end of my Plusnet contract, so what happens to this router will affect my decision to stay or leave. The Plusnet Hub One Wi-Fi performance was not a good one in our household.

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Re: Help with my BT Smart Hub 6A rebooting nightly


It would appear that you are one of the unlucky ones that is having this problem with the latest residntial firmware. It is also affecting BT's own residential customers so hopefully a fix will come out soon.

You should be aware that using a Smarthub on your Plusnet account is not supprted by Plusnet so threatening to leave if it's not corrected quickly will have no affect.

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