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Getting a new router - Seeking advice

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Getting a new router - Seeking advice

Hello all,

This is my first post, after many hours of research.


I currently pay for the fastest Fibre link. The very friendly people at PlusNet say they nor BT are capping me. I'm currently getting 29 down and nearly 4 up. I'm about 997 meters from the cabinet (I'm told).


Would changing from the PlusNet hub to something else improve my speed ?

I'm looking at Netgear 8700 or maybe a Billion router but don't want to spend ~£100 if the speed will be no different. Inside the house I have a few switches and routers and all is well. I'm only interested in increasing Internet speed.

Friends have mentioned G.INP might help. Does my PlusNet router already do this. Anything else to consider ?

Any thoughts appreciated.


Thanks, Peter.


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Re: Getting a new router - Seeking advice

Probably everybody here has their own favourite router and manufacturer so you're going to get loads of conflicting advice.

I've been running Asus routers under PN for a few years without issue.

I got my latest Asus RT-AC68U a while back for the better dual channel WiFi. I like the way it sits vertical with the aerials at the top, not the back like the other models.

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Re: Getting a new router - Seeking advice

Rather than looking at a new router, how about booking at why you want one and how you use your current one.

Your speeds are limited on how far you are from your nearest cabinet, the state of the wires between you and your cabinet, and the condition of your internal wiring. The latter can be improved by using a filtered master socket, and making sure the router is plugged into the master socket.

Speeds can also vary a lot depending on how you connect to the router, directly wired, or via WiFi. 

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Re: Getting a new router - Seeking advice

If you do an online search of VDSL speed versus distance you will see that the speed you are getting is about as good as it gets at this distance, so there's no point in changing your router.

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Re: Getting a new router - Seeking advice

Hi Peter welcome to the forums,

As people have said. Hold off on buying new equipment for now and potentially wasting money. One thing to try I guess is using a wired connection to the router, plugged into the master socket. Disconnect everything else (from other sockets) and see if it makes any difference to your speed.

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Re: Getting a new router - Seeking advice

Thanks all for your replies. I think you have confirmed what I already knew.


I was hoping a xyz router from abc would increase my speed to say 50 and most importantly15ish up.


All is happy inside the house, I have VPN, email and web servers running well. Various MS servers, UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS (yes I'm getting old) all working happily. I have Netgear PowerLine hence my previous reference which works perfectly, along with a couple of their switches.


It seems I have three choices. Do nothing. Buy a "better" router to keep the boss happy (she's not happy about having three routers, downstairs, upstairs and guest, plus Alexia and wireless surround sound). Sadly we have 7 SSIDs at the moment. As mentioned internal network is spot on 


Last choice is to move house...


I have already got the latest BT face plate which everything goes via. Turning things on/off doesn't make the speed between the house and the outside world any faster.

So it seems I'm doomed. Live with the fact we're 997m from the cabinet or move house ?


There must be option 4 ? (getting rid of the Mrs far too expensive)


Thanks again.