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Flash the TG582n to DSL?

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Flash the TG582n to DSL?


I've had Plusnet fibre for a while now, but I've never used the TG582n router, I've been using a Billion 7800n.

I recently discovered that a friend of mine (a computer muppet) has been paying a ridiculous £47 a month to BT for a limited DSL connection, some security software that he doesn't use and an Anytime call plan when he only uses the phone about 3 times (if that) a week.

So I persuaded him to switch to Plusnet to save him a huge amount of money.

I told him that he could probably use is Home Hub 3 to connect, but I've had some problems, mainly due to the DNS servers being locked. But although I managed to unlock the HH3 last night, it still seems to be picking up the BT servers. It does work, but the connection is a bit slow.

Anyway, earlier today a found my unused TG582n, but when try to use it I discovered it was locked to FTTC.

Is it possible to change this to ADSL either by a SuperUser account or by flashing the firmware?

If so, could someone please point in the direction of a SuperUser password or the appropriate firmware?

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Re: Flash the TG582n to DSL?

I use this modem on a ADSL service so it should work but you may need to change the settings. The following page may help (note there are different pages for ADSL and Fibre services).



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Re: Flash the TG582n to DSL?

The Plusnet Safeguard DNS servers will look like BT ones.

If you still want to flash the 582n firmware, the firmware files are at and you will probably need to use the Windows 7 Upgrade Tool from the library article on how to flash the firmware (it's about different models, but the procedure is the same).

The FTTC firmware is easy to switch between FTTC and ADSL modes.

You may want to make sure auto-setup (TR-069) is disabled, otherwise the router might end up using your PPP login details. You might have to contact Plusnet and have them remove details of that 582n from your account.

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Re: Flash the TG582n to DSL?

Thanks for the replies, I was out when I posted this.

Got back to my friends and set up the Home hub for him, but something wasn't right... the connection speed was too inconsistent.

So I was ready to flash the router when I decided to have one last hunt through the 582n's settings...

Now I feel like a bit of a muppet as I found the "Set up my Technicolor Gateway" option !!

In there I was able to choose either ADSL or Fibre and was able to enter the username and password.

Connection is now at least 4 times faster and seems very stable Smiley