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Firmware update

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Firmware update

Please can someone push the latest firmware to my router as I am having authentication issues.

My router details are;
2 - Serial number: N7202551B005411
3 - Firmware version: 7.275.11_F2704N_Plusnet
26 - MAC Address: 10:d7:b0:6d:b1:de
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Re: Firmware update

@TonyBaloney  Firmware version 7.275.11_F2704N_Plusnet is the latest for the Hub zero (2704 router).  There hasn't been any updated firmware for over 3 years.

What are your authentication issues?  Are you aware that the Hub zero only supports a limited number of wi-fi connected devices, not sure of the number but 10 or 15 has been mentioned. If this is your problem you need a better modem/router. A used BT Home Hub 6 is a good choice, available on auction sites. Instructions for setting one up on Plusnet are in pinned at the top of this forum section.

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Re: Firmware update

Thanks for your post @TonyBaloney and welcome to our Community Forums.

I agree with @RealAleMadrid in that you're on the latest firmware for the Hub Zero and also there aren't any known issues with that router's firmware which may cause authentication issues. Looks like you're back up and running now? 

If you're still having issues, I can send you an upgraded router (Hub One) if you'd like?

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