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Fault with my 2.4 GHz wifi channel

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Fault with my 2.4 GHz wifi channel

Hi, putting a message here to see if I can get this resolved. My problem is my 2.4 GHz wifi, when it is on the stock SSID name, I cant connect to it, as it comes up saying cant connect to network, connected but no internet and also says that the network passcode is not correct which it is.

When I have the 2,4 and 5 ghz synched, with the stock SSID, I can connect to the wifi but this is only to the 5 ghz as when I unsynch them again, I get the same problem, cant connect to the 2,4 ghz.


Now here's the funny part, I have changed the stock SSID to something else for the 2.4 ghz wifi and I can connect to it????? It seems as if there is a problem with the stock SSID for my 2,4 ghz and this has only happened recently and its a bit annoying tbh as it messes things up like my devices, printers etc.


I have tried rebooting and factory reset the Hub one router and also I've changed the router out for my tplink archer 1200 and iI get the same prolem on that with the 2.4 ghz wifi, cant connect using the stock SSID.


If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it, could you please reply 


Cheers Steven



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Re: Fault with my 2.4 GHz wifi channel

Just ensure you have different SSID's set for the 2 frequencies for optimum connectivity.
ALSO USE a wifi analyser app to ensure you are using the least populated wifi channels.
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Re: Fault with my 2.4 GHz wifi channel

I have, Gel, both 2,4 and 5 have nearly the same SSIDs though the 5 ghz is highlighted to show that it is 5 ghz, ie. PLUSNET-XXX 5 GHz.

The problem is the standard SSID, i.e., PLUSNET-XXXX, which when I try to connect to the 2.4 ghz network, it comes up with either cant connect to the network, connected but with no internet or says that the network password is incorrect which it isn't as it is the same password as 5 ghz which I can connect to.

The weird thing is when I change the 2.4 ghz SSID to some totally different, I can connect that way but its not solving the the issue really in what I have.

Not the most IT savvy person but I am comfortable in changing settings in the router just that this is a weird problem that has only started in the last couple of weeks. 


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Re: Fault with my 2.4 GHz wifi channel

Hi @stev1rob 

Is that a typo or do you have spaces in the SSID name for either 2.4 or 5GHz?

This does not look correct to me, suggest you make it PLUSNET-XXXX-5. and PLUSNET-XXXX I know your issue is with 2.4Ghz but this might not be helpful having spaces with 5Ghz


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Re: Fault with my 2.4 GHz wifi channel

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