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Dynamic DNS - Settings

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Dynamic DNS - Settings

Hi All



having spoken with PlusNet Tech (not helpful at all) they tell me the Dynamic DNS section of the Hub One (rebadged BT Hub 4) is not a section they are; a) Trained On and b) Don't support!  Hmm, don't support or know about the products they sell!


Anyhow, here's the issue if anyone can help/advise:

1.  I have a account, I have had it years and it works just fine.  It is set up in my CCTV system which daily 'pings' my IP to  I can use DOS to ping my DNS account and sure enough, my current IP is listed.

2.  I have now set this up in the Hub One, same settings as the CCTV, and applied it - all accepted.

3.  Now I click the 'Refresh' button to test it and it comes back with an error (this is the bit PN Support no nothing about) saing 

Q.  Has anyone got this to work and if so, how?





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Re: Dynamic DNS - Settings

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Re: Dynamic DNS - Settings

I'm not seeing that error (attached), and if I check the website, I can see the updates are getting through:


Having said that, I'm not seeing that IP returned when querying the hostname in DNS:

~$ host [REDACTED] has address 80.229.X.X

So something's not working somewhere.

You might want to consider using an alternative like whom I've never had problems with.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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