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Cross on wifi symbol

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Cross on wifi symbol

I have a problem connecting any device to to my WiFi, everything on my hub one website is saying its connected. I've unplugged it, plugged it into master socket, reset it, everything, the light is blue n the hub looks to be working perfectly. If I turn my WiFi on, on my phone it says need to connect and has a cross on top right of the WiFi symbol. I've tried re entering the password to sign in nothing works. This morning it came on for ten minutes then dropped back out again. No one available at all on call centre n no one in online chat!!! I'm stuck can't get in touch at all. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong.
Thanks Lisa
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Re: Cross on wifi symbol

Hi @ Lisamarie419519,


Thank you for taking your time to get in touch.


I am very sorry that you are having a problem with our service. I would advise you to change the SSID on the router so the device will register it as a new Wi-Fi network.


Firstly please can you open a device that can connect to the internet via a web browser and open the web browser (for example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Edge or Safari). Next locate the address bar (where you usually type in www. Etc) and type in and press enter on the keyboard. This should bring up the router setup page where you can find multiple tabs along the top. Please select the advanced settings option. This will then ask you for an admin password which can be found on the little card provided or on the router its self (it may also be referred to as the router password and will be case sensitive), after typing this in please press ok followed by continue to advanced settings. This will then provide you with multiple options with a second layer of tabs. The first option will say wireless please can you click on that. Underneath will have a 2.4 GHz option, a 5 GHz option and WPS please can you select the 2.4 option. This will next bring up multiple options below and one of these will say SSiD. Please change this and click apply.

Another option which may assist a better wireless signal is to separate the networks on your router so you can have a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network running simultaneously. To do this you need to go back to advanced settings as above and click on the wireless option on the second layer of tabs. Next click on the 5GHz option next to 2.4GHz wireless. Under here it has an option to sync with 2.4GHz, please can you change this to no. Next there it says Wireless SSID, these needs to be changed from the original one so you can see that this is the 5GHz network, this may be easier to just apply (5GHz) to the end. Next press apply at the bottom followed by I am sure once it asks you. This 5GHz network is recommended to be used closer to the router and use the original network when further away. Unfortunately not every device will be compatible with this network but the wireless will still improve from making these changes.


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 Josh Berriman
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Re: Cross on wifi symbol

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