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Connection setup issue

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Connection setup issue

Hi everyone, need your help once again.

Today was my activation date and I set up as instructed. However, despite the fact the modem light is blue, it is not connecting to any website. If I enter from a cellphone, it goes straight to the hub manager page.

In my hub manager page, it’s is set as and not my personal account. I’ve tried to fix this inserting my user account as suggested in other in other forum topics but then the light goes to orange again and I still have no connection.

Appreciate any help.

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Re: Connection setup issue

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Re: Connection setup issue

@guilhermesimon It can take up to midnight of your 'activation day' for all the Plusnet systems to fully synchronise. Do not make any further attempts, but if you are not connected by tomorrow morning, report back and we can suggest possible remedies.

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Re: Connection setup issue


@guilhermesimon - I've just activated your account. If you're still not having any luck then try factory resetting your hub by inserting something into the pinhole at the rear of the device until status light flashes green. Once done, leave things 5-10 mins and then hopefully all will be well. 

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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