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Can I Use Two Extenders To Beat WiFi Dropout

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Can I Use Two Extenders To Beat WiFi Dropout

My Archer router provides a strong signal throughout the house except for a bedroom on the middle floor, in which I have a Freeview Play TV.

I tried using an extender inside the room but to no avail. Curiously, plugging the extender into the power socket just outside the room allows the Freeview Play TV to receive a signal, but weakly. The result is frequent buffering and dropout.

Is it reasonable to expect to solve the problem cheaply by installing a second extender inside the dropout zone?


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Re: Can I Use Two Extenders To Beat WiFi Dropout


An extender will do just that: extend whatever signal it receives and try pushing it further into the premises. It can only extend what it's capable of recieving in the first place. There's little to gain from positioning an extender in an area of the house with poor Wi-Fi coverage as all it will do is amplify that already poor Wi-Fi signal.

Unless the extender is using Powerline technology or something like that (part of a pair of plugs where one is cabled into your router), then it needs to be positioned somewhere between the hub and the bedroom where there is already a good signal.

Bob Pullen
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