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Boosters for dead zones

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Boosters for dead zones

We’ve always had dead zones around the house, in 3 rooms. It’s really annoying. With BT they gave us the black discs which did help, We move to PN tomorrow and they don’t offer a guarantee around the house. My husband works from home so I need reliable boosters. Can anyone recommend one?


Thank you

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Re: Boosters for dead zones

How many discs were you using with BT in addition to the main hub/router?

If you want to stick with BT kit, then you could do worse than pick up some refurbished Whole Home Wi-Fi discs e.g. here.

Note, with Whole Home Wi-Fi, you would typically connect one disc to the Plusnet hub via etherent cable, situate a second/third disc remotely somewhere in your house, and then disable the Wi-Fi on the Plusnet hub i.e. it wouldn't work like the BT kit did where the main hub acts as one of the access points. 

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