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Blizzard Overwatch Port Forwarding Technicolor TG582n

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Registered: ‎22-02-2013

Blizzard Overwatch Port Forwarding Technicolor TG582n

So just got the new Overwatch game from Blizzard and after playing a few games i get the following 'failed to connect to server' and generally cant play anymore until i close game and reopen. I made a ticket on and they say it sounds like a Port Forwarding issue, so i set rules to my windows firewall as asked, then i also port forward the Overwatch ports as stated by blizzard. (as you can see from my screenshot)


I have assigned that application to my PC as its PC i play on.

Now when i check the ports via it still says connection timed out as in its closed.

So I tried setting DMZ to my PC and do the same but port still closed, my broadband firewall is disabled and my router one is set to Standard. I have tried each time with Router Firewall as Off, but ports still blocked same with DMZ enabled/disabled aswell as Gamer Mode enabled/disabled.

Nothing seems to help here and blizzard are still stating its a firewall/port issue.


Any help?