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Anyone had issues with Nest Wifi?

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Registered: ‎27-11-2022

Anyone had issues with Nest Wifi?

Hi all,

Around the end of last year, I bought a Nest Wifi system to boost my wifi around the house.

After setting up, the system was running really well, until Tuesday of this week, where all of a sudden, the speed dropped to an absolute crawl, and the internet was pretty much unusable.

Initially, I suspected the fault was with the line as there was a lot of noise through the landline. However, after the Openreach engineer made some adjustments and fixed the noise, the problems remained.


After a bit of troublshooting, I noticed a few things:

  • After rebooting the Home Hub (acting in Bridge mode), the speeds would start off great, then drop to a crawl again within 30 seconds.
  • I couldn't access the Home Hub manager (192.168....) - the IP address didn't work - unless I removed the Nest router from the equations.
  • Removing the Nests from the system fixed the speed issue immediately.

So, I've removed the Nests from my system. However, I did like them when they worked, so I don't want to go straight down the refund route yet. Looking online, there seems to be others with the same issue, but with no solutions.

I was wondering if anyone had any similar issues and if they were able to fix it?