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router not sent

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router not sent

I ordered plusnet broadband on the 19th of march but it has been delayed many times and the router has not been sent.


on the 4th of may I spoke to someone on the telephone and they said the router would be sent in the next few days but it is the 13th today and it still has not been sent.


I was told external work had to be done although it is confusing because as far as i am aware, there are other tennants in my building that have internet already through other providers.


I'm confused as to what is happening and when I will actually get a working connection.

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Re: router not sent

Welcome to the forum.

Routers are not sent out by Plusnet until the last minute. Openreach are in the habit of delaying activation due to engineer availability. Openreach advise Plusnet of this, Plusnet then delays sending the router but are notoriously bad at advising the customer of the delay.

It’s either that, the router is stuck in the post or Plusnet have forgotten to order it. Hopefully a Plusnet staffer will come along and pick up this post but they can be thin on the ground at weekends. 

Alternatively contact them either by phone or live chat. Be aware that live chat will not work if you have a pop up blocker activated. These are often set automatically in some web browsers.

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Re: router not sent

Hi there.

From what I can see we haven't been able to place your broadband order until your phone order completed today.

I'm placing the order now which should take 4 working days and your router should arrive before then.



Unfortunately the records of your line haven't been updated yet to reflect that broadband is available to order.

We'll order broadband for you as soon as we can.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role within Plusnet.
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