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leaving plusnet

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leaving plusnet

I dont see the need to stay at an ISP who lost me 15Mb in speed and have to take it on the chin - then after promising me only to pay £90 for line activation spread over monthly payments to then change the price from £90 to £110...!!  which I paid even though I was promised (listen to the call - December 2018)

now im paying £33 a month and my contract is just about up (2-3 months - where it goes up by another £6.99 bringing it to £40.09)

Sky are doing same product for £27

TalkTalk for £24.99


can retentions contact me privately and convince me to stay...? as I used to work at Sky im pretty sure i could get the 64Mb pushed back to 79Mb aswell, that was engineer error no two ways about it - once i had 7 engineers at my house who all but last one couldnt fix it - and they all said they know just about nowt about broadband - "YOU KNOW MORE THAN ME" where their words!!! - thats what were dealing with


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Re: leaving plusnet

I'm sorry to see the problems and apologies for the delay in replying.

Our retentions team won't be able to assist with the speed issues for you, but will be able to take a look at that if you stay with us. Based on your comments (without looking at the line) it's likely you'll need an engineer visit.


To look at your contract, I'd suggest you give our customer option team a ring on 0800 013 2632. Our team will be able to advise what's best going forward contract wise.



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