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...and what now?

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Registered: ‎27-04-2021

...and what now?


I hope someone from staff can help me here...

I have ordered broadband/landline package 4 weeks ago. During that time there were numerous problems with installation and I called every week to get something done as emails were vague and confusing, but problems kept popping up and finally I received email saying:

This message is to update you on your phone and broadband order.

Our suppliers have cancelled your order because the selected service you have chosen isn't supported in your area.

The only service you will be able to get in your area is FTTP or fibre to the property. This is because the cables that connect to your house are fibre only. This is only supported by a select number of service providers, ie - BT & Virgin Media.

Plusnet aim to support FTTP in the future but providing this now is not possible. The only option we have available is to cancel your account with us.

So ok, I understand my order was cancelled, it happens, but what now? I mean I have brand new plusnet router that came over 3 weeks ago. I'm sure plusnet would like it back. Where? How? But no info on that. And the most important thing... I paid 74 something quid 4 weeks ago and I expect them to be refunded to me as everything was cancelled at the end. But no information regarding that either. When can I expect my money back?