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Where is my router?

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Where is my router?

I feel like I've been continually messed about by Plusnet. They activated our phone on the 7/09 which was fine. I then got a text from them saying that my broadband would become active on the 16/09, but then 2 hours later they texted me again to tell me it would become active on the 30/09, in which case we will have gone a month without wifi. The text also told me not to set up our router until we are sure it has become activated but we have not yet received a router in the post, even though we joined you a while ago. I even spent time on the phone and on the live chat in which I was told I would receive an email and received nothing. When will my router arrive and why does my activation date keep being postponed?! 

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Re: Where is my router?

i am joining this thread as i have the same question. we were invoiced on 20 march 2017 for a broadband upgrade but our router has still not arrived. our order status says dispatch is pending.


each time i check the website, customer service chat is unavailable, there is no option to send a message to customer services and the phone support line is busy. today the wait is 30minutes. yes, i have waited previous times but noone ever answers.



i am hoping i will get a response by posting here!!!

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Re: Where is my router?


Your order has been delayed due to engineer availability in your area. We'd send your router out 48 hours before your activation date but I can see you've since called us and we've manually ordered it instead.



It doesn't look like your new router was automatically ordered. I've just manually placed the order now.

We'll get it to you as quickly as we can, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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