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Switch to fibre delayed?

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Switch to fibre delayed?



I requested an upgrade to fibre broadband 10 days ago and got a confirmation email that stated switchover would take place on the 21st January. My account has been debited £6.99 for the Hub2 router that will be required to connect but as of today I still haven't received this either.


My account summary details don't appear to show anything to indicate I'm switching.


Can you confirm there is some kind of delay with getting this equipment and switchover actioned.



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Re: Switch to fibre delayed?

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Re: Switch to fibre delayed?

Thanks for your post @yorkshirerally and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm really sorry for the long delay with your fibre order.

It looks like the engineers are incredibly busy in your area, as it's been pushed back to the 2nd February, which has subsequently delayed us from posting your new router. 

I've manually sent your router now, so you should receive it well in advance.

Let us know how it goes.

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