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Supposed to Activate yesterday - not working, no message

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Supposed to Activate yesterday - not working, no message

My activation date was yesterday.  I have my router already, and my phone line has switched, but my broadband has not activated and I have received no message from Plusnet.

If I log into my account and look at the order tracker, it says there's an error checking the line, however I called previously and was told everything was fine, and it was confirmed here too.  There are also other steps showing on the order tracker as "incomplete" that are actually complete, so I don't know what there is true - I have paid my first month as I signed up on the phone and payment was taken then, the line was checked when I signed up, my phone line is active now - none of these things are showing as complete on the order tracker.

I need internet access at home ASAP.

Really not impressed here - you'd think a broadband company would be good at switching customers to them but you've messed up at EVERY STAGE - You first used the wrong phone number to try and switch, you messaged me about delays that didn't exist, you have confirmed twice that my broadband was all set to go live on the 7th Sept, and now you won't answer the phones and haven't activated my broadband.  Really poor performance.

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Re: Supposed to Activate yesterday - not working, no message

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