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Ridiculous activation times..

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Ridiculous activation times..

So it’s seems all internet supplies are rather slow these days…

Just came off Talktalk because they were a nightmare so I know full well that my fibre is up and running..

Joined plusnet because I hear they’re decent..

Even though all my stuff is in place, got the fibre box installed and working my activation time was 4 weeks..

I took this Thursday off work for my activation date only to wake up this morning to an email confirming my activation date is the 12th (next Weds). How can they justify a 5 week wait on an already working connection?! I don’t even need an engineer I literally just need the broadband to be activated remotely. 
I have literally zero signal at my house so this has been a nightmare. And now I’ve got holiday that I can’t change for absolutely no reason..


disappointed to be honest.

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Re: Ridiculous activation times..

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Re: Ridiculous activation times..

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