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PLEASE HELP! Order 'stuck' with Openreach

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PLEASE HELP! Order 'stuck' with Openreach

Please can someone on this community help get this resolved? I've seen quite a few posts saying similar things have happened. Not a good look for Plusnet!

I'm over a week late now delayed by going live, despite being given 3 guaranteed dates and numerous 'we'll update you in 24 hours'.

I was expecting to go live Tuesday 2nd but was told Thursday 4th despite what the first sales person told me. Fine, it's only 2 days i thought. I then got a text first thing Thursday 4th saying there was a delay.

About 20 calls later, half as many empty promises, 5 or 6 'escalations' i'm still nowhere nearer to being activated and i'm actually now in another 24 hour update with a provision of something maybe happening by the 15th. It's now beyond a joke.

I thought i'd turn to google to see if any other plusnet/outreach orders have been stuck... and i was amazed (i wasn't) to find numerous other people being fobbed off some for up to 3 weeks.

Is there anyone on this forum that can help with this? Can i contact Openreach myself? Or am I better just picking a new supplier who might actually come through on a promise?


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Re: PLEASE HELP! Order 'stuck' with Openreach

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Order 'stuck' with Openreach

Hi there,

I'm really sorry for the delay with your order. I can see it completed on the 12th and you look to be up and running now?

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