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Order update request

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Order update request

I like many others on this forum seem to be experiencing the same frustration of delays and poor communication. I was given a date of 10/10/22 for an engineers visit to upgrade my connection to FTTP and by 2:00pm I hadn't heard anything so I called for an update, while I was on hold I tried the online chat on the website and despite getting through to someone very quickly I was told this was only for prospective customers. After a 30-minute queue I got through and another small wait to check my order I was told that it was still planned and someone "should" still be with me. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I understand that the engineers are sub-contractors and not employees of Plusnet and can be subject to delays but this should have been communicated with a phone call, email, or text message instead I am having to go out of my way to check what is happening with my order after a day of waiting in.

I feel I have to add that It seems poor for a telecoms company to not have a selection of quick and easy ways to get in touch. Live chat and email seem fundamental. On the plus side, it seems like these forums are actively viewed and often receive feedback from staff so I hope that I can get an answer here.

Can somebody advise what is happening with my order?

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Re: Order update request

Hi there!

I'm really sorry for the delay with your order and for the lack of communication regarding this.

I've checked your order and I can see it's what's known as KCI Assure, which means our suppliers need to carry out further work in the external network before they're able to get an engineer out to install the service.

We're due an update on the 20th October and I'll make sure we update you when we know more. 



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