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Order status

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Order status

I've ordered a phone and broadband package to start on 10 Feb. I have had confirmation that the phone line will change on that date, but no confirmation that the broadband will also transfer on that date. If both services don't transfer on that date BT will charge me a high fee for broadband from that date. Can someone confirm the current status of the broadband part of the order please?

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Re: Order status


As it's the weekend and there are usually less staff on these forumsI would advise you reach out to plusnet via live chat here. It may take a while to get through but you can do other things while you wait, also make sure ad-blocker is turned off before starting if you have one.


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Re: Order status

If you've ordered a migration though the official system you shouldn't see any extra charges or much of a disconnection either.  It's best not to try to arrange anything though the loosing supplier but let the gaining supplier do it Smiley

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