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Order delayed - new customer

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Order delayed - new customer

I placed an order last week to transfer my broadband service to Plusnet from TalkTalk. I was expecting the switch to go through on 10th March.

I've now received a text saying that my broadband order has been delayed, but giving no reason for this or timescale for it to be resolved. So I don't know whether there are good technical reasons for the delay, or whether it's a case of TalkTalk trying to scupper the transfer. I've had a couple of missed calls from a number which seems to belong to the TalkTalk retentions team according to a google search, but I haven't spoken to them and don't particularly wish to if I can help it. 

Don't really want to wait in a long phone  queue racking up PAYG mobile phone charges to find out what's going on. Can someone please advise?

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Re: Order delayed - new customer

The customer service line is a freephone number 0800-432-0200 , so you should not be charged , even on mobike PAYG

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Order delayed - new customer

Hi @MagicAl I'm sorry about the delay, I've just checked and it looks like you've decided to cancel. I hope everything works out with your new provider and do shout up if there's anything else we can do for you. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team