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Order continually being cancelled

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Registered: ‎26-10-2022

Order continually being cancelled

Wonder if other people are having the same issues?

Broadband was due to go live on the 12th of October and it has been cancelled a few times since. Not clear to me why this is. New router still not been delivered too.

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Order continually being cancelled

Hi there!

I'm really sorry for the delay with your order. I can see your broadband's due to go live on the 8th November by midnight and I'll make sure we send your router to you before then as well. 

Let us know if there's anything else you need help with.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi