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Openreach claim against unrepaired work

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Registered: ‎09-06-2015

Openreach claim against unrepaired work

Good morning,

Following FTTP installation by Openreach in April, the technician needed to drill a hole in my external wall to secure his ladder, stating he would refill it. Unfortunately, he forgot. 

So this is more a post about the trails and tribulations of filing a claim for what has been described as 'damage', so perhaps Plusnet advisers and customers would know what to expect if they experience such an issue.  


Plusnet advised I call Openreach to report this and sent me the link to their website. Unfortunately, there is no telephone number to report such a issue, just an online chat service. I eventually got through to a human, and he gave me an email address to report the issue. 

After receiving a reply from BT, I was requested to fill in a claim form to send to another email address, along with photo & address ID, and photo evidence of the hole. Today, I have now received a response that another company will deal with my 'claim'.

For one reason and another, I am unable to repair the hole myself, so I continue to wait for a resolution to such a simple problem that will likely take a professional five minutes to repair. I have no idea what the outcome will be, and wouldn't be surprised if I am offered compensation, rather than have the hole repaired, which would be my preferred option. 

Do hope this feedback would help ISPs help customers better in a similar circumstance.