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New order, a couple of questions..

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Registered: ‎05-05-2023

New order, a couple of questions..



So I placed an order for Full fibre having previously had it through BT and Sky and just received the router and plugged it in I wanted to confirm if the following was normal.

On the broadband order tracker it shows the following but having read the forums is this normal?

"Broadband orders typically take a week to complete. Your broadband order should complete on {strCustActivationDate}. Please note that this date can sometimes change. We'll let you know if this happens."

I also received the text attached today, and believe the other image attached is the ONT box that is required (as it looks like the Huawei 1-port modem on = 

"Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises:-Multi Dwelling Unit Residential UG Feed with no anticipated issues.

ONT exists with active service. No spare ports are available. Network is at capacity so a new ONT cannot be ordered."


Am I to assume I reply yes to the message and awaiting the router and my activation date?