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Just for a change ... this happy customer says thanks!

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Just for a change ... this happy customer says thanks!

After much deliberation we have finally taken the plunge and gone FTTP, giving up our landline of 40 years. We were receiving very few calls and making so few that our Anytime package was costing over £1 per call, anyway I was told that our exchange will be going full fibre later this year.

As a regular reader of this forum I feared the worst, especially as we were offered a rare hospital cancellation and had to re-arrange the Openreach techie’s visit. Plusnet staff handled this with great good humour, the router arrived two days before OR, Chris the techie arrived early to do a very neat job and now we have 75MB instead of 37MB.

So just for a change: well done Plusnet, well done OR. Unfortunately we are not allowed to name individual staff members, so I can’t send a virtual Big Hug to <redacted> and <redacted> for their patience in handling the changeover and re-arranging our appointments at such short notice.

Moderators Note: Personal information removed but still visible to Plusnet.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Just for a change ... this happy customer says thanks!

Hi there!


It's great to hear you're so happy with the switchover process and I'm glad to hear it went through smoothly. Don't worry I'll make sure that their TL's are aware of the great work they've done so they can be recognised. 


Thank you for letting me know and for the kind feedback Smiley 

 Curtis Smith
 Plusnet Help Team