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House move nightmare, getting fed up

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House move nightmare, getting fed up

What seemed like it was going to be a very simple process has turned into an absolute nightmare for me. I've recently moved flat, about a week or so ahead of the move I notified Plusnet that I was moving and was given a switch date of roughly a week after my move. Fine by me.


However, immediately after I placed the order, the system said that there was a problem and that the question would be reopened in a week. After numerous attempts at getting through to support I just gave up for a few days, and eventually got through a few times and was told that the booking was correct but that the engineer had not quite been confirmed yet.


This continued until the day before the supposed switch on date, at which point I was finally contacted by plusnet and told that the automated openreach system had bugged out and messed up the order. The advisor told me that they'd wait one day for the phone line to be enabled, then cancel off the order and put it through again, as getting BT to sort the error on their end could take weeks. I was told to expect and update the next day. Fine.


2 days pass, and I get a text saying my order is delayed. This time I get through and I'm told that the old order is still sitting around on the system causing problems. The advisor cancelled the order completely, then manually put a new order through to ensure it went through correctly.


And then today, I've received another notification that there is another issue with my order and is delayed and requires investigation. I have literally no idea what is going on at this point, and every time I call provisioning it takes about 1-2 hours of holding to get through. It's been over a week since my internet was supposed to be installed, and I still don't even have a date at which I can expect internet. It's becoming utterly ridiculous. We're currently having to spend extortionate amounts of cash on using the BTWiFi hotspot near our flat since one of us works remotely from home and it's our only option. 


I would seriously appreciate some kind of update as to what on earth is going on my order.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: House move nightmare, getting fed up

Hi @arboulton


I sincerely apologise for the level of service you have received from us during this house move and for the inconveniences caused by the delays.

I can see that since this post, an update has been provided on your account regarding the status of your house move orders. You can view this via the house move ticket here


If you have any questions or require any further assistance please do not hesitate to get back to us.