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Frustrating fibre upgrade experience

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Frustrating fibre upgrade experience

As soon as a fibre slot became available in our area we hopped online and ordered an upgrade to fibre service. Initially quoted a date of 9th November. The 9th comes and goes and our router hasn't even arrived. We call plusnet to find out what was going on and they tell us the our fibre installation date is now on the 13th, but this was not communicated to us. Well, here we are the morning of 14th and we still have no fibre. We called just now to be told that the engineer went to do our installation but in the time since we ordered the upgrade, all the slots had been filled. Once again this was not communicated to us and we have now been told we basically just have to wait until a slot becomes available. This is incredibly frustrating, we are both working from home and we are barely able to get our jobs done because the Internet is so terrible. Why is nothing ever communicated to us when things change?? We are now stuck in limbo with no idea when we will actually get the upgrade to fibre.
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Re: Frustrating fibre upgrade experience

@randompanda91  Welcome to the forum.

I have a near relative who applied to Plusnet for a new fibre and phone installation. After losing two days holiday due to an engineer 'no show' on both days without being advised she gave up, got her money back and went to BT Retail. The installation was completed a few days later as per the first appointment.

Do customers signing up for the premium cost BT Retail service get priority over those requiring services/connection requests from BT's budget supplier, Plusnet? Of course not, the rules don't allow it!

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Re: Frustrating fibre upgrade experience

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