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Formal Complaint

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Formal Complaint

Good afternoon,


Having decided to open a PlusNet account for Broadband which necessitated me paying some £75.00 in advance of receiving anything I am now in a situation where PlusNet have, in my opinion, obtained monies under false pretences and are in breach of contract.  


I received an email confirmation from PlusNet [PN] on the 5th November at 17:36hrs titled 'Welcome to PlusNet' in which PN stated “You've chosen 15/11/2018 AM, for your engineer appointment. We're in the process of confirming this and will let you know in the next 2 working days if it needs to change”  PN did not contact me within 2 days of the email to notify me of any change. However, yesterday I suddenly receive an email saying that an engineer will be with me on the 21st November.  


I tried to contact Plus Net but was on hold for 5 minutes so I then decided to try to utilise the 'chat' service that they allegedly have. On each occasion that I have attempted to do so - a range of times during the day and evening - it is mysteriously unavailable. Were I more cynical I may be lead to believe that there isn't actually a functioning chat facility.

I emailed the CEO () but failed to receive reply. I then emailed the CFO () and failed to receive a reply. It would appear that they both feel that their managerial status precludes them from basic business etiquette. I have not received an acknowledgement to either of the emails let alone an apology or detailed explanation for the appalling level of customer service that I have been subjected to. 

Can anyone provide any advice or recommend a Broadband supplier that provides an acceptable level of customer service and which doesnt take monies up-front on the premise of providing a service that they are unable to supply?


Many thanks


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Re: Formal Complaint


Unfortunately this website is not considered to be the starting point for any formal complaint. So this post wont get you anywhere in official complaints terms.

The official complaints procedure can be found here and provides the channels through which complaints must be made.


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Re: Formal Complaint

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Formal Complaint

Hello @Rascalus, I am sincerely sorry for the experience you have had and for the wait times you have faced.


I can see that your complaint has been received and was assigned to a case handler who has responded here.


Please do let us know if you have any further queries.




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 Sammy M - Sheffield Team
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