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FIbre start date???

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FIbre start date???

I ordered the fibre broadband service for my new home to start as soon as possible. Ordered and paid upfront on the 18/2. Received an email shortly after that day telling me the estimated start date is 19/3 !!!! Over a month! As people that use the internet for work this is a ridiculously long time! Any way to get a more accurate and quicker date? Might have to cancel this and get another Service if that's the best plusnet can do. Not a good start..
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Re: FIbre start date???


Although you've paid up front the charging period starts when your service goes live.


The activation date will depend on Openreach engineer availabilty. If you were to cancel and go elsewhere you could well be pushed back even further as it would be a "new" job for OR added to the end of the queue.


It your phone service is live try your number here and see if the the narrative at the foot has anything about an "open order" - if phone not live try the address code version, enter your post code only and then select your address from the list.



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Re: FIbre start date???

Hi Aidanzman, 

Really sorry to see this. I've checked the order and can see it was placed on the day you signed up so it does look like engineer availability in your area is the reason the order is set to complete on 19/3/20. 

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Re: FIbre start date???

I would guess that BTOpenreach have declared MBORC ( matters beyond our reasonable control ) in many areas, due to the flooding. In this situation, new installations will get low priority. Even areas that aren't flooded may be affected as engineers are 'borrowed' to fix faults in flooded ones.

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Re: FIbre start date???

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