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Delay in switching -WHY?

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Delay in switching -WHY?

I have received an email part a switch is as follows-

We're still waiting for our supplier to let us know they've received your broadband order.

We'll get some more information on the delay and update this ticket with details as soon as we have them. 

[internal note] No response from BT regarding customer's order. Please check account and confirm order status, then inform customer.

These types of orders can fail on occasion. If this is the case and the broadband service is not active within this time frame please contact us so we can re-submit your order. This will then take a further 10 – 12 working days to complete.


Plus net have stated they have not received a response form BT,but I have had emails & texts to confirm that they have been advised we are switching.

I was advised not to start the switch too early to avoid breaking my contract with BT that was coming to an end.

It appears that maybe Plusnet not any better than any of the other providers and still i have no idea when i will switch

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Re: Delay in switching -WHY?

Hi there.

I'm sorry to see we've encountered a problem with your order. Unfortunately it looks like your phone and broadband orders didn't link up together in the Openreach systems and had failed.

We could've replaced this manually however I understand you've recently got in touch with us to cancel.

Apologies for the experience you've had and all the best with whoever you decide to go with.

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