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Broadband not activated. How long to wait?

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Broadband not activated. How long to wait?

How long should I wait before calling Support. BT turned of their service at 7am. I have the "phone is working" text from Plusnet but nothing about broadband 2.5 hours later.


I have tried the new router but it cannot connect to Broadband. This is very frustrating as it is a workday and I originally asked to be changed on a Saturday and I can see the ticket raised that said Saturday was a requirement but Plusnet have managed to ignore that!


I'm wondering if I will have to book a day off work 😞






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Re: Broadband not activated. How long to wait?

I switched to plusnet a couple of weeks ago. The phoneline went dead quite early in the morning and was active again just before 12. I got both a text and an email to inform me.  The internet connection did not become active until about 16.19 and I only received an email - no SMS.  They do say that the connection can be at any time up till midnight and not to connect the router until you get an email to say its active. I don't know what you do if you need the internet up and running to receive the email.

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Re: Broadband not activated. How long to wait?


Just to give you my experiences.

My go switch / go live date was 19/08/20 (switched from Sky), phone went dead and sky router dead approx midday, no text messages.

Phoned helpline as still no land line live after 1 hour, was given usual spiel about could go live any time up to midnight, phone started to work about mid afternoon (no texts recieved)

I did not want to connect up router before being notified, so left till next morning, still no text received!, tried connecting router and it was fine, accessed my e mail account and I had received two e mails from Plusnet, one at 3.54 pm stating home phone active, 2nd at 5.20 pm stating broadband active.

I've switched Broadband suppliers now over the years to 4/5 different suppliers and this is the first time I've not been notified by text and e mail about when system live, and the 1st time that I've had the amount of "dead time" between old/new suppliers, in the past phone and boadband done at the same time, and in the previous swiches I did not notice any down time?

Good points so far, transfer over of existing landline number went fine, great speeds on the basic ADSL service I've got (so far) and I received my Plusnet rewards e mail this morning (6 days after going live)

Keep up the good work Plusnet!



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Re: Broadband not activated. How long to wait?

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