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Broadband migration messed up by Plusnet

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Registered: ‎17-04-2021

Broadband migration messed up by Plusnet



I am writing this in response to the frustrating service being provided by Plusnet for provisioning a my line which is an 18-month long contract! And the first two days have been without internet!


I received an email at 0600 in the morning of Fri, 16th Apr, to plug in my Plusnet router as the broadband was active. And sure enough my EE hub was disconnected from the network. Thinking everygthing is going to go in smoothly now, I switched the router. And I encountered the steady orange light with flashing red for a line error.


On calling Plusnet at 0800 in the morning and being transferred to the technical team ( [CSA Removed]?), I was on hold on a working day for about an hour, and at exactly 0900 hrs my call was answered by a tech support representative ( [CSA Removed]) who informed me that this was an Openreach issue and will be fixed in 2 hours. I patiently waited for 2 hours and called back. (These are in the case notes, I have received email updates).


The second person ( [CSA Removed]) tells me that this cannot be resolved in 2 hours and the Openreach turnaround time is 72 hours. He also reports that Openreach has closed the case stating that everything is 'fine' at their end. He goes ahead and files a new case with them stating that Plusnet 'rejects' Openreach closing the case as I am still facing the issue and the line tests are negative. On impressing upon him that I have lost half a working day, and I will have to apply for a full day holiday at work, he informs me that I can use my mobile plan and submit bills later so that Plusnet can replay/reimburse me the amount as a 'goodwill' since this was an issue from their end. All this was on Fri, 16 Apr.


Just to be sure that my provisioning is being looked at and the case is moving ahead, I call back again on today, Saturday, 17 April, to check the progress. The new technical rep ( [CSA Removed]) informs me the Openreach has stated that there is no fault at their end and are going to send an engineer over to have a look at the line in my house. He also informs me that a charge of £65 will have to be paid if a fault is found. The next appointment I got was on Monday (in the afternoon), the 19th. So, I am without internet for 3 and a half days - Fri, Sat, Sun and half of Mon.


I am flummoxed by this. How can the line go bad _inside the house_ when it was working perfectly fine till the EE router was plugged in and then go bad as soon as the Plusnet router is connected?

How can Openreach not perform a line test and confirm that the line is down, as Plusnet can verify this? Why do we need and even book a home visit?


All this seems very fishy to me and I am afraid this is going to drag out for days/weeks now. I cannot be working from home without broadband internet. Suffice to say that I will be using my mobile data and forwarding all the bills to Plusnet till the time this gets resolved. Can I get an update here from one of the Plusnet reps, as the phone service reps obviously do not have a good track record of informing a customer on what's going on with their issue.


All in all, its a very bitter new customer experience for me, and if this doesn't work out, I will sign up with EE again to get a seamless internet even if it means paying a quid more every month for peace of mind.



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