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Another FAILED order to the growing list

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Another FAILED order to the growing list

Hello all,

Had an AWFUL time with Vodafone who didn't know their backside from their elbow so duly cancelled with them during their cooling off period. Openreach had activated the line but they couldn't seem to find a solution to the problem as to why the router wouldn't authenticate to their servers.

Now, I have had Plusnet in the past and recommended them to my parents and my brother who use them to this day. The problem is the competence and reliability seem to have degraded.

I placed an order on the 18th of November and Vodafone ceased my line on the 19th of November. 11 days later on the 30th of November, Plusnet had took over my phone line and said my broadband line would be activated on the 23rd of December by Midnight. Roll on to today where I turned the Plusnet router on and you guessed it the ORANGE LIGHT OF DOOM no broadband authentication and even worse from last time NO SYNCED LINE. A quick call to customer services today and NO BROADBAND ORDER WAS PLACED, what happened here? I was given an activation date so why am I being told now it was never placed? I seem to have switched from one incompetent provider to (a now) other incompetent one. Even though the lead time was so long I thought it would be worth the wait. Not anymore it seems.

So here we go, I have to wait until Boxing day for a call back due to Christmas (fair enough) from their 'specialist team' for them to tell me I have to wait probably another month for activation (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!). So no internet over the Christmas period and no means for me to work from home still (working as an IT Manager is fairly difficult over an LTE connection in rural UK).

I will update this topic over the coming few days so you can see how it all pans out.

Merry Xmas everyone!


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Re: Another FAILED order to the growing list

Sorry to hear about your issues with PN.

Looking at reviews of many companies in recent times the level of negative comments appears to be increasing.

Corvid has resulted in many either working from home or absent from work thus reducing communication not just with customers but other departments of the same company.

ISP in particular appear to be in a race to see who can offer the worse service, as you say PN used to be a excellent company offering good customer support but those days are long gone.

I accept these comments do not help with the issues you have but might go some way to explain them.

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Re: Another FAILED order to the growing list

Good morning,


'Happy' New Year all!


So to update this, no callback was made to me on the day they said they were going to call me so I had to ring on the 27th of December. I got through to a chap on the line who side the previous supplier still had a 'tag' on the line so the engineer didn't proceed with activation. My question is if this is the case why do Plusnet not check this automatically? Why does the customer have to chase this?

Anyway, he said a representative would get back to me in 24-48 hours. I think you can probably guess that this never happened.

After I got off the phone with him I received an email a little time later that read:

Dear Mr ******, Good morning

Sorry you missed out call today, 

I was calling as your broadband order had cancelled, i have managed to replace your order and we should have a committed date in next 24-48 hours....


I never received a call from Plusnet that day or the day before so what's this? Maybe Plusnet only accept inbound calls and can't place outbound nowadays. The day after this email I received a text to say the service would go live on the 13/01/21 far from ideal but I consigned myself to the fact this would be it.


I received a text at 9am this morning saying my broadband would activate on midnight 21/01/21!!!!

Why has Friday rolled round and I have been given another activation date 8 days after the one I received earlier in the week?

This is getting ridiculous now. It would be quicker if I trained up to be an Openreach engineer to get access and went and did it myself at this rate.

Will update when anything happens (tried to ring today states open 10am - 4pm, but the line was closed. Brilliant) 

I received 

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Re: Another FAILED order to the growing list

Just a quick update. Just received the below text message that it's now due for activation on 20/01/21.

What is going off?!?!



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Re: Another FAILED order to the growing list

Hiss up and brewery come to mind here 🙄

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Re: Another FAILED order to the growing list

Think you might be right 🤣