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upgrade confusion

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upgrade confusion

Currently I am paying for a broadband service only with line and telephone cost being supplied elsewhere but this is not good value. My options for upgrading are

1.Faster broadband with unlimited calls costs and retain PSTN line and number unlit fibre is rolled out

2.Go stright to fibre

I am getting confusion information from plusnet sales. Firstly I was told that fibre is not available in my area which is not true. I was later told that its is available but moving to fibre would mean termination of the old line and loss of the old PSTN number. Since I want to retain the PSTN number in the short term and fibre does not use the old copper wire, can't I keep both services? In addition when the PSTN line eventually goes then I assume it will be down to the customer to transfer the number to a new SIP provider as plusnet do not offer that service.



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Re: upgrade confusion


Check the following to confirm availability. You're looking for WBC FTTP in the left hand column and Available to the right.


PlusNet do not offer a phone service with FTTP. You could move to an ISP that does though most will now be VOIP.


If you want to stay with PN then I believe the following is what to do (other's might correct me!!!)

During the Order process check the "I want to keep my Phone number" option.

FTTP may cancel you phone service if the copper line is removed. You need to look into VOIP providers.

While you can set up your account with one you need to wait until the install is complete and FTTP is up and running.

Initiate your number port immediately. There probably will be a bit of downtime without a phone service.


A&A seem to offer a good deal on VOIP -

Who ever you choose check with them first that they can take your number.




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Re: upgrade confusion

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