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scams 09068781119 and 09015228204

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scams 09068781119 and 09015228204

09068781119 and 09015228204

These and probably many others are scams.

I had a call from 09068781119. I was not in and it went to answerphone, and then hung up after 27 seconds without any message. I was charged £2.50  I phoned plusnet and explained that this was a reverse charged call made to me without my authorization. I explained that this was theft and they, as a reputable company should not be a party to fraudulent activities. They are able to check the raw data and they confirmed that I did not make that call, and they will refund the charge on my next bill.

I feel glad that i stayed with plusnet......and it was a very good phone and package!

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Plusnet Staff
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Re: scams 09068781119 and 09015228204

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Re: scams 09068781119 and 09015228204

Maybe someone from PN can explain how can a reverse charge call be accepted by an answer machine ?

If it's via the BT operator then it would require verbal confirmation that the call is accepted. If it's via 0800reverse then surely it needs a number ( 9 I think!) to be pressed to accept it.